Carlisle and Finch and The Yacht Group™ announce Partnership

The Yacht Group™ announced today its partnership with Carlisle and Finch the world’s most prestigious Searchlight Manufacturer.

The Yacht Group™ has been appointed as the exclusive world wide distributor of Carlisle and Finch Yacht Products and exclusive overseas distributor of commercial and Military products. These will be distributed as the CFx Extreme Beam.

October 30, 2019

Carlisle and Finch’s 125 year History is a great American story of innovation staring with the invention of the world’s first carbon Arc Searchlight in 1897, and through continuous innovation pioneering the development of the hi intensity Xenon arc searchlights.

A family owned business operated by fifth generation brothers CF continues today to remain the standard of the US Navy and Coast Guard (including aid to navigation coastal lighting), the national and international commercial marine and Military Industry, and the world’s most prestigious Yacht Builders. Carlisle and Finch’s full and diversified range of products include up to 177 million candle power with a range in excess of 8 miles, thermal cameras, covert IR invisible LED lights and Non-Lethal strobes for security, “Polar Class” equipment for the harshest of conditions and much more. CF lights are on rescue boats that can turnover and right themselves in heavy waves with no damage to the searchlights (and that is rugged tough), and on superyachts in beautiful sparling chrome like yacht jewelry.

Gerald Berton, President of The Yacht group stated. “We are extremely pleased to have the honor to represent this great American company and their fine heritage, and apply our talents to expanding that tradition with sales and service through our world-wide distribution network of Shipyards, Service Yards, Dealers, and Owners. Carlisle and Finch’s leading edge technology, coupled with their recent developments in covert searchlight use provide a special blanket of safety in night operation and security which has become increasing important for vessels of all types and sizes. We are pleased to have the opportunity further introduce and develop this technology to the marine industry.

We selected The Yacht Group to assist us for the next expansion of our company due to their marketing prowess and fine reputation in the industry said Garth Finch, Vice president and co-owner of Carlisle and Finch. The Yacht Group’s philosophy of “innovation for the marine industry” is strongly shared by our company and together we can best serve the marine industry though our partnership.
Our company is always forging forward with new technology designed for all vessels and historically we are very well-known especially for our Military products on all size US Navy, USCG vessels and large commercial ships as well as many Super yachts. Our emphasis is now also to expand and provide our unparalleled level of quality to the growing Superyacht and smaller Yachting market and we are confident that can best be achieved through our partnership with The Yacht Group. We share common goals, ideas and with their well proven achievements and reputation in the marine industry we are confident of success together. We look forward to working together with their team to further growth with new collaborative innovative products and strong marketing and service.

The Yacht Group
The Yacht Group brings the highest quality products, expertise, professionalism and support to the yachting community through “innovative technology for the marine industry”. Our products are used on thousands of boats of all sizes and more than 180 brands… and counting. Yacht Controller® is one of the many innovative products of the Yacht Group “improving the boating experience for the yachting community and its professionals”

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Carlisle and Finch
Is a 125 year old American company founded and operating in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1895 under continuous family ownership. Inventor of the first carbon arc searchlight, The Carlisle & Finch Company, an ISO 9001:2015 with Design company, today manufactures an extensive line of marine searchlights intended for heavy duty ship board use and land based security applications…… extensive line of searchlights using halogen and xenon short arc as light sources, as well as an emerging line of LED searchlight products. Specialty and custom searchlights compliment the product line, for unique applications requiring all sorts of embedded cameras, from low light to thermal imaging and much more. Total manufacturing square footage is approximately 35,000 and filled with all sorts of manufacturing equipment, machinery, etc. from CNC machining centers to automated Powder Coating along with many skilled craftsmen for operation.

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