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Some of the Companies Supported by The Yacht Group™!

The Yacht Group LogoBuilding marine products to enhance your boating experience with safety and ease of operation in control, visibility, security and aesthetics.

The Yacht Group has helped to create many of the most trusted brands in the marine industry, including the award winning Yacht Controller® System which has been installed on over 25,000 boats. It  remains the gold standard for precision wireless yacht control, the Yacht Visions series of marine cameras redefines Low Light navigation. The Yacht Cam is an extreme low light camera with ultra-hi definition thermal imaging. The powerful Yacht Beam offers commercial grade, million-plus candle power searchlights. Yacht Visions reduces the anxiety and challenges of night navigation and increases yachting safety.

For maneuverability, the easy-to-mount external Yacht Thrusters and new ezDrive™ Thrusters provide quick, bolt-on thrusters for Wake Surfing, Wakeboard, Watersports boats.

For the best in aesthetics, nothing can beat a Yacht Graphx backlit name or symbol. These stunning signs are fabricated out of any combination of materials that you desire and are perfectly illuminated to make the stern of your boat stand out. Yacht Graphx signs can be found on many of the world’s most impressive yachts.

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