Yacht Controller announces connection to Volvo’s newest systems 

Yacht Controller announces connection to Volvo’s newest systems EVC-2 and EVC-E for Drive-by-Wire propulsion.

The Yacht Controller system integrates perfectly with Volvo’s complete line of drive-by-wire steering systems

December 9, 2019

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. –Yacht Controller, manufacturer of the world’s first and number one wireless remote controls for yachts, used by more than 19,000 customers on 260 ​ brands of boats announced today that it is officially integrated with Volvo. Volvo’s new electronic vessel control EVC-E and EVC-2 gateway works with all compatible devices delivering plug-and-play connectivity with engine and thruster systems. Yacht Controller’s wireless remote-control system allows users to remain in command of their boat’s movement while away from the helm, where visibility is often limited and has been ​a proven technology for more than 16 years. The Yacht Controller system integrates perfectly with Volvo’s complete line of drive-by-wire steering systems such as the Volvo Inboard Performance Systems (IPS), Aquamatic and Inboard systems.

  • EVC-2 is designed for the latest drive-by-wire steering systems
  • EVC-E ​ ​ connects directly ​via can-bus to the​ Yacht Controller
  • It also has a dedicated CAN Bus port for direct connection to steer-by-wire steering systems:
    ZF Pod DrivesVolvo† IPS* and Volvo Aquamatic
    Teleflex Optimus 360 Systems (Outboard Engines)
    Yanmar VC10 and JC10 (Joystick) Control Systems
  • A single CAN Bus connection to the EVC-E and EVC-2 eliminates the need for an ACU, further
    simplifying installation

“Stress Free” docking and a better boating experience have been the hallmark of the Yacht Controller brand since its inception www.YachtController.com and a featured product in the Yacht Group’s www.theYachtGroup.com portfolio of products. These include Yacht Graphx, Yacht Thruster, Yacht Visions (cameras and searchlights) and our latest product CFx Extreme beam by Carlisle and Finch Co.,
www.CFxSearchlights.com the world’s oldest and foremost searchlight companies and the standard for the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. navy for more than 110 years.

The Yacht Group
The Yacht Group brings the highest quality products, expertise, professionalism and support to the yachting community through “innovative technology for the marine industry”. Our products are used on thousands of boats of all sizes and more than 180 brands… and counting. Yacht Controller is one of the many innovative products of the Yacht Group “improving the boating experience for the yachting community and its professionals”

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*Optional Volvo IPS gateway required and additional cabling
†Volvo and Volvo Penta are trademarks™ and/or registered® trademarks of Volvo Trademark Holding AB. Yacht Controller is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Volvo