Who We are…

is the leading provider of premier luxury marine consulting and manufacturing services. Comprised of a team of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in all aspects of the marine industry, The Yacht Group™ is dedicated to delivering unparalleled services to their esteemed clientele. The founder boasts an illustrious track record of facilitating the acquisition and sales of magnificent vessels of all sizes (including mega yachts), providing marine consulting services to corporations and individuals and exemplifying our commitment to delivering the epitome of consulting expertise for yachting devotees.

With our unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, our dedicated team members have successfully enhanced the boating experiences of countless enthusiasts, ensuring their utmost safety and yachting enjoyment.

As a testament to our commitment to innovation, we are backed by a global network of international R&D, engineering, and manufacturing teams. This formidable collaboration empowers us to provide cutting-edge solutions, tailored to the unique needs of our discerning clientele. With an extensive network of sales and service dealers spanning the globe, we effortlessly extend our unrivaled expertise and services worldwide.

At The Yacht Group™, we pride ourselves on our ability to transcend the ordinary, elevating every aspect of the marine experience into a realm of luxury, sophistication, and unrivaled opulence.

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The Yacht Group has had a hand in creating some of the marine industry’s most trusted brands: Yacht Controller, Yacht Graphx, Yacht Thruster, Yacht Beam & Yacht Cam, Yacht Command, Yacht Protector and Yacht Gear – Go Cycle Marine. We provide the highest quality products, expertise, professionalism and support to the yachting community. We’ve earned an industry-wide “Gold Standard” reputation as the most trusted brand in the marine industry with Yacht Controller. The hallmark of our brands is “innovative technology for the marine industry” and our products are used on thousands of yachts of all sizes and more than 200 brands… and counting.

Yacht Controller

Yacht Controller is the key to wireless control of a yacht while docking and maneuvering. With over 10,000 installed systems on more than 180 brands of yachts; ranging in size to over 250 ft, the flawless proven security and dual band dependability of Yacht Controller allows yacht operators to confidently control the movement of their yachts from anywhere on board with absolute precision.

Yacht Controller JCS Joystick Control System provides a fixed station control with up to 5 connected joysticks at strategic locations throughout the yacht and can be coupled with a wireless remote for complete and precision yacht control.

Yacht Graphx

Yacht Graphx letters are state of the art laser cut for perfection in Stainless steel, Carbon Fiber, or Resin and available in Monochrome or Multiple color illuminated LEDs. Letters are connected via a specially designed marine electronic watertight system for stability, durability and reliability. Illuminations and dimming is controlled via a remote or WiFi from your smartphone for easy installation! Let us help you transform your look with Any Font, Design, Size, or Materiel which you prefer.

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Yacht Thruster is manufactured by the world’s #1 thruster company POWERING POWER, SAIL AND HOUSEBOATS WORLD-WIDE.

EZDrive Thrusters:

Designed specifically for active watersports boats, wakeboard boats and other smaller versatile watercraft.

Yacht Thruster – Enhanced by Easy Drive

Yacht Thruster is the world’s number one selling externally mounted thruster for bow and stern application on both power and sailboats. Precision production produces a rugged housing manufactured out of solid machined aluminum with a hand built, sealed motor using rare earth elements for no maintenance, exceptional power, and durability. Since Yacht Thrusters are also water cooled, they have exceptionally long continuous run time and low battery drain.

Our newest thruster “EZ Drive” provides a super powerful motor in a compact package with 10 minute continuous run time, an easy to mount system and an ignition proof system for safety and protection and a micro remote to help you control your boat whether putting it on a trailer or maneuvering at a dock.

Yacht Beam

The Yacht Beam line consists of Commercial Grade Hi- power muti-million candle power Searchlights for Yachts 35- 200 feet. Searchlights and lowlight cameras are essential equipment on board for night operation. Our amazing luminous marine engineered searchlights can make night cruising into day cruising, at the touch of a military grade illuminating IP 69k joystick or a micro remote. YachtBeam recently entered into a strategic partnership with Carlisle & Finch, the global leader of marine searchlight technology since 1894.

Fabricated of the highest grade of materials sealed to withstand the elements and provide a robust and reliable searchlight using Xenon, LED, Halogen and Metal Halide HID lamps and parabolic reflectors for brawny power.

Yacht Cam - Extreme Low Light and Thermal Cameras with Tracking

Yacht Cam – Extreme Low Light and Thermal Cameras with Tracking

Yacht cam’s leading-edge pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) extreme low light and thermal imaging technology sets the maritime standard for robust and rugged thermal imaging systems. Housed in a durable magnesium housing, a Yacht Cam is anti-corrosive and IP67 rated, enabling it to work properly even in the roughest of sea conditions. Camera control is managed by our intuitive joystick or by keyboard/joystick control for maximum efficiency.

Yacht cam features a host of technological advances that leave the rest of the industry far behind… including video ‘hot spot’ tracking which enables the camera to lock on and follow moving objects automatically either manually or via receiving and analyzing your radar data and controlling the Yacht Cam to correspond to the radar target while also capturing a video or digital image of the object. Indicator icons on both the daylight and thermal screens plus a freeze frame feature make the camera system extremely user friendly. Stabilization and extreme low light imagining at less than .0008 LUX ( less than starlight) provide remarkable recognition. Plus much more!

Yacht Command

Yacht Command is the perfect system to convert boats with mechanical or hydraulic controls to an easy to use electronic control system. Providing gear shifting, throttle, warm up functions and synchronization with security.

Yamas (Yachtcontroller Mechanical Actuator System) works easily and simply at the push of a button when docking your boat. Merely turn on the Yacht Controller system and your cable controls are disengaged and the wireless system takes over.

The Yacht Group Technical Team

Testing a 5-Station Yacht Command System

At the touch of a button you will be able to control your engine transmissions, bow thruster, stern thruster or anchor. After you have completed your docking, or have safely moved away from your dock when departing, simply turn off the system and your mechanical controls will work normally.

YAMAS also provides an emergency back-up system should one of your shifting cables fail, since you can merely turn on YAMAS and take control of the boat.

Yacht Protector

Yacht Protector is a smart security and geo-location system. Once the device is installed, you will be able to monitor your boat wherever you are, from any mobile device or computer with an Internet connection. It’s the first truly efficient, easy to install, cost effective, wireless security and tracking system for your boat.

Once installed, you can view the status of your boat’s location and essential conditions from a smartphone, tablet or computer with our simple app. Yacht Protector sends alerts to your phone by email using its own worldwide GSM network. Sensors are wireless for easy and quick installation.

Yacht Gear

Yacht Gear essentials include Gocycle Marine , The World’s Finest Electric Bike for Yachting Enthusiasts, marine clothing that are waterproof, lightweight, and make the perfect gear for any outdoor activity. A talking point wherever it goes with performance and durability. Start living a perfect active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle onshore or offshore your yacht with Yacht Gear!